ChandreaChandrea (Chan-dree-uh):  Formerly secure in her knowledge of self and station in life, Chandrea is lost in this new world.  Torn between wanting to return home to Earth and falling in love with her birth world, Chandrea struggles to find her mental  and emotional stability. 



AdelaideAdelaide:  Once an advisor and friend to Chandrea’s mother, Adelaide is well versed in the daily routines of royalty.  She has taken it upon herself to assist Chandrea in her transition from unwitting princess to reigning sovereign of Averill.   Though appearing to be a kind and gentle grandmother, there is a core of steel in this woman that has seen her through the destruction of her kingdom and the loss of her beloved friends.  She is determined to see the downfall of Svara and set things right once more.

DenaeDenae:  A hunter and protector for La Shura, Denae is very confident.  Though small in stature, she makes up for it with a calm self assurance that comes from working closely with large, dangerous predators.  Acutely protective of La Shura, she is delighted to help in the fight against Svara.



IanIan:  Fiance to Denae, Ian’s easy going and level-headed attitude make a good counter to Denae’s passion.  However, do not mistake his casual demeanor for a lack of devotion.  He would willingly give his life for one he cares about.



ShawnShawn:  Carefree and laid-back, Shawn is a hopeless flirt.  But, beneath his happy-go-lucky disposition is the sharp, curious mind of a scientist.  Full of love for family, friends and life, Shawn is the man you want by your side in troubled times.



LeilahLeilah:  Cunning and cruel, Leilah uses whatever means she can find to get what she wants.  A master of deception, she has built an entire empire based on fear and treachery.  She will not be satisfied until the Averill line and magic are wiped clean of her world and the continent of Lyrunia is under her command.



AydenAyden:  Strong willed and a bit hotheaded, Ayden is a natural leader, regardless of his station in life.  Extremely loyal, he will give his whole heart and soul to a cause he believes in.




ReynaReyna:  Imprisoned for over two decades, Reyna believes that she will never again walk as a free woman.  Despair hangs over her like a shroud, and death is looking ever more promising day by day.  But, there is a secret that she holds that will forever change the life of one she desperately loves.