Chandrea – Sacrifice (Book 2)

How much would YOU give up?

After several trying weeks on her birth world, Chandrea Averill has adjusted to her extraordinary new life as a sorceress queen and is finally gaining some control over her newfound powers. But with the threat of war looming ever closer, Chandrea questions her ability to lead the people of Lyrunia in their quest for freedom from Leilah, the tyrant Queen of Svara. With no prior royal training—in the court or on the battlefield—how will she be able to lead the upcoming revolution?

To make matters worse, Shawn, the shapeshifter who has become her closest friend—and more—is still being manipulated by the Shadow Leaf. With no discernible way to remove the malevolent Fae parasite, every second puts a tremendous strain on their relationship and brings him ever closer to becoming a Dark Fairy.

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