In June of 2014, Marlene submitted once more to the same contest, only this time, there were around 200 entrants.  She maintained her place in the top ten by winning 10th place!

Some of the judges comments this go around:

  • “This is a really good manuscript. I was truly impressed by your writing, and your attention to detail. You have excellent description that is associated with this genre–clear but not overdone. Your flow is nice. Your hook was great. Your character is well-established and your backstory is solid.   You have really done a nice job setting up things and following through. I was truly blown away at your planning which allowed you to provide the answer before the reader could ask the question. Excellent! One of the biggest things with this genre is covering the loopholes, and you did this in a truly exacting way (how she understood their language, why she hadn’t seen her powers in the other world, how she got there, and so on and so forth). “
  • “Great opening line. It’s an instant hook. And then you follow it up with introducing a very interesting fantasy world. If I picked this up while browsing, I would absolutely want to keep reading.  What a creative way to connect the fantasy world with the real world! That gives you a great opportunity to write your main character into both of them. It’s super creative and very well executed.   I love how you write your characters. They are extremely likeable.”
  • “This submission would be one that I would like to finish reading. I think this would be a good beach book. Something relaxing to read on vacation around the pool or on a beach.  The character Adelaide provides a nice balance, almost a female Merlin.”




6th Place Award Certificate for Chandrea – The Return of the Avatar Queen

Marlene entered the 2012 Novel Writing Contest on “Critique My Novel” by submitting an unedited excerpt from her debut novel, Chandrea – The Return of the Avatar Queen She was positively delighted to discover that not only did she make the top ten, but she had also placed 6th place overall!!  All with an unedited submission!

Some of the written critiques of the judges:

  • “Great Prologue!  You got all of the major points across in good time.  This book was put together with great care and attention!  Best one I’ve read yet!  Fantastic job!””
  • “I just loved this story!  It is so well written and kept me sitting on edge waiting to see what happens next.  Cant say enough about this story.  I would most certainly buy this book and recommend this to friends!”
  • “Immediately drawn into the story.  The storyline reads easy and flows well.  I really enjoyed the excerpt and would like to read the whole book!”